What is Shonan Teien Festival?

Since the Meiji Period, the Shonan area, in the southern part of Kanagawa prefecture, has been popular as a resort among political, business and cultural leaders working in Tokyo. There, one may stroll around quiet residential areas and view historic buildings in a lush natural environment. The area has developed a sophisticated culture in the fields of art, literature, music, cinema and sport. This Shonan culture is still alive and well today.

There remain many villas, with their spacious gardens, dotted around the scenic Shonan area, which stretches along the coast of Sagami Bay. Many of them are architectural masterpieces and sources of pride.

“Shonan Teien Festival”(Shonan Cultural Heritage Festival)

To our regret, however, some villas are on the brink of collapse. With the aim of conserving this cultural heritage through a public-private partnership, we have launched a new initiative: the Shonan Cultural Renaissance. We intend not only to conserve these historic buildings and their gardens but also to make them available as cultural spaces for local residents and visitors, including artists and creators. We hope this will lead to new cultural activities and a revitalization of the area. As part of the Shonan Cultural Renaissance initiative, we are holding the“ Shonan Teien Festival”.